Your brand information in .nl whois

From June 10, your reseller company name and address will be listed in the .nl whois for new registrations. In the near future, all existing .nl registrations will be updated with this information. This will improve your company’s visibility. You may choose to opt out completely, but only for compelling reasons. Please send us your opt-out application by email before June 5.

Brand information
Realtime Register is accredited  SIDN registrarYou can use multiple brands for your account, and define per contact which brand should be listed. Perhaps now is a good time to check and update your brand information in the Domain Manager. Besides the onscreen help text, we have an extensive branding manual available for you .

If you have any questions about brand information in the .nl whois, please contact the support team.



Your Gateway into Russia

A map of countries where Russian is widely spoken.
Countries where Russian is widely spoken. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is the ninth most populous country in the world, and its vast, unequalled landmass has boggled minds for centuries. Russia has always been a force to be reckoned with, and offers an interesting entrepreneurial potential. Yet only a handful of registrars worldwide has access to over 146 million potential Russian internet users. Therefore, we are quite proud to announce that we now meet all the requirements, and may call ourselves your official .RU registrar!

This limitedness is hardly surprising, considering the .RU registry’s strict demands. If you want to access the Russian market, there are quite a few hurdles to overcome.

Firstly, to name some, you must have a fixed and certified Russian address. The past years, we have been to great lengths to set up shop in a beautiful residence overlooking the magnificent city of Moscow. As the .RU bureau is not very commercially inclined, we have had to put in quite some negotiation time and efforts. The premise in turn must meet specific requirements, all under strict and lengthy scrutiny of the Russian officials.

Secondly, you must be able to offer Russian language support. As this poses quite a challenge for the average registrar, we have had to adapt our website, recruit a full Russian team of service desk employees, and train them in to our rules of conduct. But we managed!

It would be too much to describe all the requirements in great detail. What matters most for you, is that we now meet them. And you can take full advantage:

1. Exclusive access to a market of more than 146 million customers.
2. Easy domain registering and transferring process; no administrative bother.
3. Professional Russian language support.
4. An office and staff in the economic heart of the country.
5. Very competitive pricing!

If you had been waiting for an opportunity, now is your time to grab it with both hands.


Newsletter February 4 2014

Sales promotion for .INFO
Starting February 4, the prices for .info creates are reduced for our reselling customers. Make use of this great sales opportunity; create your own offer for your customers and increase your sales. This special Realtime Register price reduction for .info ends on June 30th 2014.

The .info TLD is a valuable cross sell option; in most cases your customer’s desired domain name is still available for .info.

Please note; the price reduction is for new domain creates only, renewals and transfers are at your regular price.

Free entry at World Hosting Days global

Join us at the World Hosting Days global from April 1st to April 3rd. The is world’s largest web hosting event in Rust, Germany. Go to the WHD web site and register for free with the this code: SM61VS4

Price change for .NET
VeriSign, the registry for the .net TLD, recently announced a price increase. Because of this price increase, Realtime Register will change the .net prices effective March 1, 2014. The effect for your prices specifically, has been / will be sent to the admin e-mail address of your account.

Price change for .BE
DNSBE, the registry for the country code .be TLD, recently announced a price increase. Because of this price increase, Realtime Register will change the .net prices effective March 1, 2014. The price increase at Realtime Register will be EUR 0.60 fixed. The effect for your prices specifically, has been / will be sent to the admin e-mail address of your account.

Price change .CH &. LI
Switch, the registry for the country codes .ch and .li TLDs, recently announced a price decrease. Because of this price decrease, Realtime Register will change the .ch and .li prices effective March 1, 2014. The effect for your prices specifically, has been / will be sent to the admin e-mail address of your account.

.RU reaches 4 million domains milestone

The Russian registry, ccTLD RU, announced that .RU reached the  4 million domains milestone. It took the Russian Registry two years to reach 4 million domain names registrations. ccTLD RU crossed the 3 million barrier on september 25, 2010.

English: The Coordination Center for TLD .RU l...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

On may 13, 2010 the Russian registry released the IDN TLD .РФ wich reached 1 million registrations within eleven months after it was launched.

.RU currently holds the 4th position in list of biggest ccTLD’s after .DE, .UK  and. NL with a little over 15 million domains for .DE, over 10 million for .UK and over 5 million domains for .NL.

For more statistics regarding .RU you can visit the following url :


.NL Domain Names reaches 5 Million Milestone

The Dutch registry, the SIDN, announced that .NL reached the 5 million domains

.nl -- Stichting Internet Domeinregistratie Ne...

5 Million DOT NL

milestone. They archieved this milestone just a year af ther 25th birthday of the .NL domain and 15 years after the SIDN took over .NL. .NL holds the 3rd position in list of biggest ccTLD’s after .DE and .UK with a little over 15 million domains for .DE and little over 10 million for .UK

Individuals are allowed to register a second-level .nl domain since 2003. As a forerunner, individuals were allowed to register a third-level domain since 2000. Such ‘personal domains’ had the form of They never became popular, and registration has been suspended since 2006.

SIDN is located in Arnhem and has 1800+ Registrars.

.NL Domain Name Registration History :

  • 1997 10.000 Domain Names
  • 1999 100.000 Domain Names
  • 2004 1.000.000 Domain Names
  • 2006 2.000.000 Domain Names
  • 2008 3.000.000 Domain Names
  • 2010 4.000.000 Domain Names
  • 2012 5.000.000 Domain Names
  • 2014 6.000.000 Dot NL Domain Names ?

For more information visit SIDN.


Domain Certificates For .BE Domains, the organization who operate the Belgium ccTLD .be, offers a new service for the holder of a .be domain. The registrant of a .be domain can request a certificate in pdf format with the details of the individual or organization who is registered as the holder of the .be domain in question.

The purpose of this certificate is to verify that the domain has been registered with correct details and that the domain can be used for certain business transactions, such as applying for a digital certificate.

The below message will be send by after the request.

Dear registrant,

You have requested the WHOIS registration details certificate for the domain name from our website.

Attached please find the pdf document with the currently valid WHOIS registration details for this domain name.

You will find more information about this topic at our website DNS Be.

Yours sincerely, Team

The certificate can be requested when you visit the website of and do a whois query on your domain. Scroll to bottom of the page and click on YES  at Request WHOIS registration detail certificate. The certificate will be send to the e-mail address associated with the holder of the domain.



4.9 Million, 10 Million, 15 Million.

On 16 March, Nominet the ccTLD operator for *.uk reported they had over 10 million registrations. The 10th million .uk domain name registered is According to whois records the 10th million .uk domain name was registered by Steven Northam.

“We’ve been growing at around the 10% for the past couple of years,” said Nominet’s chief executive, Lesley Cowley.

Yesterday, SIDN the operator for the ccTLD .NL registered more then 4.9 million registrations. .NL is one of the largest ccTLDs in terms of total registrations . SIDN celebrated its three millionth domain name registration in 2008,while its two millionth milestone was reached in 2006. 6 years later, the number of .nl domain names has more than doubled .

Denic hit the 15 million mark yesterday. The 15th million domain name is .DE is the world’s largest ccTLD, and the second largest TLD.

Eurid Q4 results.

Eurid just released their Q4 results of 2011.

.EU has matured as an extension. This was demonstrated by .eu consumer loyalty,shown in the robust and stable registration renewal rate.In 2011, 81.6% of .eu domain names were renewed which was consistent with 2010’s renewal rate (81.7%) and above the industry average.

Eurid 2011 Highlights. 

  • In 2011 Eurid reached a total registrations of 3.51 million .EU domain names.
  • DNSSEC rollout started
  • Website usage research. This study revealed that 31.4% of the .EU websites are being used for business usuage. Full report here.
  • Eurid closed the case on

Number crunching.

During Q4 2011, the number of .eu registrations increased by 100 802 domain names, or 3.0%, to 3.51 million. The total number ofregistrations at the end of Q4 represented an increase of 5.5%, or 182 275 registrations, when compared with the total number at the end of Q4 2010.

IDN registrations reached a total of 67074 registrations wich is about the same as with other ccTLD registries that offer IDN according to Eurid.

Deletions : During Q4 2011, there were 166 309 deletions.

Domain disputes. Eurid offers an alternative dispute system (ADR) and received 12 cases in Q4, wich is the same amount as in Q3 2011. This trend is comparable with the amount of cases that WIPO received.

For more info about the Q4 2011 results download the PDF here.


Afnic to release IDN domain names.

Afnic has published their IDN specifications last Friday. This is the last step before the sunrise period with the ‘grandfathering’ rule that starts the third of May. This move will extend the number of characters which can used to create a domain name to 67, versus  the 37 now. The new IDN rules apply to all the extensions under control of Afnic (.fr, .re, .tf, .wf, .pm and .yt).

The entity filing an IDN must hold an ASCII-equivalent domain name for the transaction to be accepted. However, if the ASCII equivalent has not yet been filed, it will be possible for the holder to create it at any time, even during the sunrise period.

You can only apply for a IDN in the extension you already have. For example, the holder of can apply for café.fr and won’t be  eligible for café.re or any other extension under control of Afnic.

Technical Specifications

The implementation of IDN domain names will follow the IDNA2008 standard. The biggest differences between IDNA2008 and IDNA2003 is the way the German Eszett (ß) will be handled and the face that nameprep step or canonicalization has been removed in IDNA2008.

The opening schedule is as follows (the exact times will be announced later):

•    3 May 2012: Launch of the IDN sunrise period with the “Grandfathering” rule.
•    3 July 2012: Opening with IDN attribution according to the “first come, first served” rule.

Futher information about Afnic opening up to IDN can be found here



SIDN reports a huge increase for .NL domain name registrations

SIDN reports a huge increase for .NL domain name registrations. Net growth for 2011was 607,265 domain names, an increase of 14.5% compared to 2010. Compare this percentage to .DE 5% (702,000 domain names) and .EU 6% (196,000 domain names) and it’s easy too understand that Roelof Meijer, CEO of SIDN is pleased with the results. The SIDN is currently close to 5 million domain name registrations and has the highest domain name density in the world.

Strong brand preference

When it comes to registering domain names, both consumers and businesses continue to show a strong preference for the .nl brand. That has a lot to do with the reliability and security of the Dutch extension. “SIDN is constantly using its expertise and resources to improve the security, reliability and accessibility of the internet in general, and of the .nl domain in particular,” commented Meijer.

“We work in tandem with roughly 1,800 .nl registrars, who, despite all the economic uncertainty, have held their nerve: they have continued to invest and consequently to perform well.”