Updated privacy protect service

On September 26 we will release a revamped version of our privacy protection service. It contains significant changes and will comply with upcoming EU GDPR and ICANN policies.

Why you need the new privacy protect service

At Realtime Register we value the privacy of your customers the registrants, by using the new Realtime Register privacy protect services you’ll bring your customers privacy to the highest level possible. Regarding domain names, it will enable you to be GDPR ready, saving you a lot of time in this area.

The new privacy protect service:

  • is free! That is, for reselling customers with standard pricing
  • protects your customer’s privacy even more effectively
  • allows for transfers without dropping privacy protect
  • prevents spam for your customers
  • is compliant with over 100 data protection laws worldwide.

Main differences

Current Privacy Protect

New Privacy Protect

Automatically privacy protect for both the registrant and admin, billing and tech contacts. Only the registrant has Privacy Protect data, the other contacts have the information of the contacts used by you.
Branded form at mydomainprovider.com Branded email informing a registrant, plus link to email
Post transfer out behavior
Privacy protect needs to be lifted before transfer out After a privacy protected domain has been transferred out the privacy protect stays intact, though the information should be changed asap.

What you need to do

what you need to do after the release on September 26, is:

  1. Set your customer’s domain status to transfer prohibited* this will prevent that email will be forwarded to the registrant. You need to make sure you have the registrants consent to do so.
  2. If you want to keep privacy protect for the admin, billing and tech contacts, you need to set these contacts to the same contacts as the registrants.
  3. Customize the new email template** for your brand(s).

*If you want to transfer a domain out, removing this status will forward emails to the registrant making it possible to receive the outgoing FOA email. The spam blocking effect will be disabled.
**The new email template is for reminding the registrant to have the privacy protect information changed after the domain has been transferred away from Realtime Register. This email will only be sent if the privacy protect information has not been updated to the data set of the new privacy protect provider and still contains our information.

Make sure to pass this information on to the people in your organization responsible for policies concerning registrant information and legal issues.

3 benefits of domain consolidation

Managing TLDs at different registrars is pretty straightforward if you have two or three domains. But what happens when you have hundreds (or even thousands) of domains that are essential to the wellbeing of your business? Domain management can quickly become a frustrating, tedious, and above all, time-consuming process. And let’s face it: who enjoys a portfolio that is hard to manage and difficult to change?

Below you’ll find 3 reasons why keeping your domains at a single registrar will help you save time and, as a result, money.

1. Streamline administrative work

It can be challenging to keep track of your entire domain portfolio if you have multiple accounts at various registrars. An important benefit of consolidating your portfolio with one registrar, is that it allows you to manage all your domains from one central place. As a result, keeping your portfolio in check is easier and will cost you less time.

Our approach:
In addition to providing an up-to-date overview of your domains, the Realtime Register Domain Manager offers all kinds of smart management and reporting features. It’s a guaranteed timesaver!

2. Avoid unwanted expirations

Keeping up with renewals is a pain in a multi-registrar situation. An overcrowded inbox makes it easy to miss one of many renewal reminder emails and you could easily wind up losing domains because of it.

Our approach:
Partners who consolidate their portfolio with Realtime Register benefit from all kinds of smart tools and services to help you keep your domains registered and renewed. For instance: as part of our service, we’ll send you a clear overview of upcoming renewals approximately 30 days ahead of the renewal date. Read more about our renewal tools and resources in this blog post.

3. Simplify bulk changes

A big disadvantage of using multiple registrars, is that quickly executing mass changes to your domain portfolio is out of the question. You’ll have to log in to different registrar accounts and perform changes manually. Quite a hassle if you own hundreds of TLDs! Having your entire domain portfolio under one roof solves this problem.

Our approach:
Realtime Register offers an extensive set of bulk management options. This makes creating, renewing, updating, transferring, and deleting large amounts of domains at once as simple as clicking a button. Log in to get an overview of all bulk domain options.

Final step: ensure a smooth move!

Most businesses imagine that transferring their domain portfolio is a headache. No worries, we’ve got you covered with our Domain Transfer Service! This automated transfer scheduler is designed to transfer in large quantities of domain names effortlessly. In other words: we’ll do the heavy lifting – but you stay in charge of the entire process!

Trust us, we’ve done this before

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upcoming price increases info ru top and 16 uniregistry tlds

.info, .ru, .рф, and .top price increases (July 1)

The registries managing .info, .ru, .рф, and .top have announced that they will increase the prices of these TLDs starting July 1, 2017. Consequently, Realtime Register has to raise the prices of these TLDs as well. Also, the currency used for .top domains will change from United States Dollar (USD) to Chinese Yuan Renminbi (CNY) starting July 1.

Check your pricing
Log in to your account to get an overview of your new .info, .ru, .рф, and .top prices.

Uniregistry price increases (August 21)

Registry operator Uniregistry will increase the prices of 16 TLDs, in some cases by extremely significant amounts (effective as of August 21). We are far from pleased with these changes, because we feel that this type of increase has the potential to negatively impact consumer trust in new gTLDs.

Affected TLDs

With new selling prices of $100 or less, the price hike will have the smallest impact on the following 7 domain name extensions:

  • .click
  • .link
  • .help
  • .pics
  • .sexy
  • .christmas
  • .tattoo

The 9 TLDs below are hit hardest: these domain extensions will cost well over $100. In some cases, this means a price increase of up to 3,000%.

  • .audio
  • .juegos
  • .diet
  • .hiphop
  • .flowers
  • .guitars
  • .hosting
  • .property
  • .blackfriday


Several registrars have decided to partially discontinue support for these TLDs or even drop Uniregistry domains altogether. We have decided to leave it up to you whether you want to continue selling these TLDs after the price increases come into effect.

Recommended actions

We strongly recommend that you inform your customers about the upcoming changes as soon as possible, so they aren’t taken by surprise. You can also offer your customers the option to renew their domains at current prices for up to 10 years.

View new price list

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4 tips to effectively boost your TLD sales

At Realtime Register, we aim to empower our partners’ businesses by providing an extensive collection of TLDs to choose from. But with thousands of new TLDs released over the last few years and many more still to come, it can be tricky to market all of them effectively. Below you’ll find 4 tips to help you push your domain selling business from good to great!

Already inspired? Go to our domain page!


Tip #1: Present suggestions & categorize

Harsh but true: sometimes the domain name your customers have their eye on is taken. As a reseller, you can help them by offering relevant alternatives that otherwise may not have been considered. For instance, if their perfect .website domain name is taken, .site or .online might be an interesting alternative. Another way to help your customers find their perfect domain name even faster is by grouping related TLDs together in categories.

Tip #2: Showcase your offering

Sure, you know the ins and outs of your TLD portfolio, but how about your customers? There are all kinds of ways to get the word out and showcase which great TLDs you have in store, including using a marketing kit! For example, our brand-new .FUN marketing kit includes everything you need to develop a multi-faceted online promotion strategy!

Tip #3: Gain a competitive edge

Keeping your customers’ wallet happy is always a good idea. Sign up for our monthly price update newsletter to know which TLD promotions are coming up (or ending soon), so you can offer your customers the best deals. If you’re interested in getting volume discounts, be sure to check out our Domain Growth Program!

Tip #4: Use original holidays for marketing

Many organizations use mainstream holidays such as Christmas for marketing purposes. But why not try something different? There are lesser known holidays for almost every day of the year that you can use to create unique and memorable TLD campaigns. For instance, World Health Day is perfect for promoting TLDs like .healthcare, .fitness, .dentist or .clinic. Or how about using Nature Photography Day to highlight .camera, .pictures or .photos! Even though unusual holiday campaigns can be a good way to keep customers engaged during slow times of the year, it is important not to overuse them. Our advice: stick to holidays that align with your business personality.

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IRTP-C Newsletter


On December 1, 2016, the Inter-Registrar Transfer Policy will be updated to IRTP-C. ICANN designed this policy to prevent domain name theft. We are not entirely satisfied how the policy has evolved. Because we made serious efforts to steer things in a better direction, the resulting policy offers some hooks to fit into daily operations.

This email covers the following topics:

Summary of the IRTP-C;
Key Concepts;
Affected Operations;
Required Actions;
IRTP-C maintenance window.

Summary of the IRTP-C

If the registrant data is changed in such a way that the ownership might transfer to another person and or organization, both old and new registered domain name holders are required to accept the changes first.

However, both old and new registrants can appoint a “Designated Agent” to act on behalf of the registrant. This consent must be given explicitly. The Designated Agent is authorized to approve a change of registrant. After this change is completed, a notification will be sent to the old and new registrant.

ICANN has published the official policy on their website: https://www.icann.org/resources/pages/transfer-policy-2016-06-01-en
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Key Concepts

Both the registrar (Realtime Register) and the reseller (you) have to be compliant with this updated policy. In the implementation of the policy, we have strived to make this as uncomplicated and efficient as possible. However, it’s good to have an understanding of the key concepts of the new transfer policy first.

Old Registrant
The registered domain name holder(according to the WHOIS information) at the moment a contact update, domain update or (internal) transfer is requested.

New Registrant
The registered domain name holder after the contact update, domain update or (internal) transfer is completed.

Material Change of the registrants’ details
Any change to the registrants’ name, organization, or email. Other details, like phone, postal code or country. are NOT considered as material changes.

Designated Agent
An entity which has explicit permission from the old or new registered domain name holder (registrant) to change contact information at the registry on their behalf.

60-day lock, opt out
After a material change of the registrant information, the domain names affected by this change are under a 60-day transfer lock. During this period, the domain names cannot be transferred to another registrar. However, the old registrant can choose to not use this lock (opt out).

Notification email
An email that is sent to the new and or old registrant to inform them about the material change of the registrant information. Realtime Register customizes this notification email in such a way that it matches the contacts’ brand.
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Affected Operations

  • The IRTP-C applies to the following operations:
  • Update contact request;
  • Update domain request;
  • Transfer in request;
  • Transfer in request (internal).

Simplified flowchart of the IRTP-C affected operations
Simplified flowchart of the IRTP-C affected operations

Required Actions

First, decide whether you will act as designated agent or not. As a designated agent you need to have explicit consent from your customer (the old and or new registrant) to transfer and or trade the domain or update the registrant information on their behalf.

If you aren’t a designated agent and you initiate material changes at some point, the registrant will receive branded emails with a request to accept the changes on a branded mydomainprovider.com page.

If you are acting as designated agent:
Make sure you get consent from your customers, either through your contract or through a secure web interface.
Resellers using the API integration, need to add an optional flag for the affected operations.
Resellers using the domain manager can tick the box in the applicable forms.

If you are NOT acting as the designated agent
Make sure to update the new and changed branding templates.

Please visit our blog post Get ready for the IRTP-C with detailed information to prepare for the new policy.

IRTP-C maintenance windows

To prepare our systems for the policy and the new API commands, we have planned maintenance windows for the OT&E and production environments.
The OT&E environment will be updated on Monday, November 21st, from 10:00 until 10:30 UTC. Within this period, the services of the OT&E environment will be interrupted. This will have no consequences for the production system. The IRTP-C policy will be activated during the release for testing purposes.

The production environment will be updated on Tuesday, November 29th, from 6:30 until 7:00 UTC. Within this period, the services for Realtime Register will be interrupted. DNS resolution will NOT be interrupted. The IRTP-C policy will NOT yet be activated during the release. You can start using use the designated agent parameters, these will be ignored until the IRTP-C policy is activated.
The IRTP-C policy will be activated on production Thursday, December 1st 00:00 UTC.