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.BLOG domain name registrar

Realtime Register is accredited registrar for .BLOG

Both consumers and businesses have increasingly turned to blogging over the past few years – and with good reason. For one, business blogging has proven to be an effective marketing tool. For consumers, blogging has become a popular form of personal expression. The brand-new .BLOG domain fits the trendy blogging market perfectly!

..BLOG Promotion

Until December 31 2017, you can offer .BLOG to your customers with a strongly reduced sales price. Check your account for your best prices, download the marketing kit and start selling .BLOG right away.

.BLOG registration requirements

Minimum 2 characters. Maximum 63 characters. The domain name must consist exclusively of the letters a-z, the numbers 0-9, and hyphens and cannot begin or end with a hyphen.

Additional .BLOG information

Minimum registration period

1 year

Transfer policy

The transfer costs include a renewal of the domain. The registration period will change, 1 year renewal will be added to the original expiry date.

Redemption period

After deleting/expiring of a domain of this type, the domain will enter into a redemption period of 30 days. After this the domain will enter into a pending delete state for 5 days, after which it will become available for registration. During the redemption period, the domain can be restored by us. The costs for this procedure are USD 100,- VAT excluded.

Contract required


Registrant verification required


DNSSEC support

Yes, for customer maintained name servers

IDN support


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