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.HEALTH domain name registrar

.HEALT is the new TLD. for all things health-related.

The world of health is no longer a spectator sport. Consumers no longer sit calmly on the sidelines to see what happens. They seek out information, schedule appointments, check lab results, order meals, and track their progress with specialty apps and online portals. Health is still firmly centered around trusted doctors and health professionals, but modern society has expanded their understanding of health to include wellness, fitness, nutrition and more.

.HEALTH registration requirements

Everyone in the world can register .health domains.

Are there specific requirements to register .health domains?

Minimum 3 characters. Maximum 63 characters. You can't start or end .health domains with a ("-") sign.

Additional .HEALTH information

Whether you’re building a business, developing a new product, or starting a new blog, a .health domain is an immediately recognizable source for health-related products, services and information. It’s the new home for health online, and it’s great for:

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