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DirectAdmin integration

DirectAdmin is the easiest to use control panel available. Small-to-medium sized webhosting professionals will benefit from the DirectAdmin plug-in. After creating an account for your customer you are automatically referred to the Realtime Register Domain Manager to complete the domain create.

Supported Features

Installing the DirectAdmin plug-in

  1. Log in to DirectAdmin as 'admin' and go to the 'Plugin Manager' section
  2. In the 'Add Plugin' area select 'URL' and enter: https://www.realtimeregister.com/static/downloads/da_rtr.tar.gz
  3. Enter your admin password, check the 'Install after upload' checkbox and click the 'Add Plugin' button
  4. The plugin should now be installed
  5. Switch to Reseller-level (or login as another reseller)
  6. Click 'Domain registration plugin', it is located under 'Extra features' on the homescreen.
  7. The first time you access the plugin you can provide your account information. We advise you to create a separate user for this plugin.