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DirectAdmin integration

DirectAdmin is the easiest to use control panel available. Small-to-medium sized webhosting professionals will benefit from the DirectAdmin plug-in. After creating an account for your customer you are automatically referred to the Realtime Register Domain Manager to complete the domain name create.

Supported Features

Installing the DirectAdmin plug-in

  1. Log in to DirectAdmin as 'admin' and go to the 'Plug-in Manager' section
  2. In the 'Add Plug-in' area select 'URL' and enter: https://www.realtimeregister.com/static/downloads/da_rtr.tar.gz
  3. Enter your admin password, check the 'Install after upload' checkbox and click the 'Add Plug-in' button
  4. The plug-in should now be installed
  5. Switch to Reseller-level (or login as another reseller)
  6. Click 'Domain registration plug-in', it is located under 'Extra features' on the homescreen.
  7. The first time you access the plug-in you can provide your account information. We advise you to create a separate user for this plug-in.