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Additional conditions for registering a .NL domain

realtimeregister.com - Version 01.01.2006

Besides the General Terms and Conditions of Business and Registration it is also necessary for you to acknowledge the following additional conditions for domains below the Top Level Domain .NL.

This section concerns provisions which apply to any domain names that the customer registers through Realtime Register in the relevant registry(ies). With respect to any registration of a .NL second level domain name, The customer agrees to the following terms:

1. Domicile address for Registrants outside the Netherlands

  1. If an applicant of a .NL domain name is not in the Netherlands resident or established, then the applicant must provide an address in the Netherlands where written pieces can be delivered. This is called a domicile address. This must be a visiting address and no PO Box, because here official pieces, for example in the case of a dispute around a.NL domain name, can be delivered. This address is checked by the SIDN during the registration.
  2. If in some cases the postal address and telephone number of the Supplier are used for contact data in whois-databases. The holder of the domain name agrees to modify this address and telephone number when the domain name is transferred away from the Supplier, in a manner that the Supplier can no longer be connected with the concerning domain name.

2. Technical requirements

During the complete life span of a .NL domain name, the Reseller or/ and Registrant has to meet all technical demands concerning DNS and nameservers, and the way these are configured. If this is not the case, SIDN can raise the concerning domain name for technical reasons.

The SIDN has strict requirements concerning the DNS and nameservers and how you have incorporated a domain name in the nameservers. You can read through all these requirements on:

http://www.sidn.nl/ace.php/c,727,5886,,,,Nameserver_check.html (Dutch).

We advise you to use the Free Nameserver (DNS) of the Supplier for .NL domain names!

3. Nameserver check

You can verify if your namesservers are configured correctly on: http://www.sidn.nl/ace.php/c,727,5886,,,,Nameserver_check.html

4. Payment

When the Registrant or Reseller does not pay for the domain name, or if an renewal is not made in time, the Supplier is authorised to raise the domain name, in name of the Registrant (domain name holder) or Reseller.

5. Fine - by faulty transfers

Because a transfer, owner change or removal of a .NL domain name is not checked by the SIDN, you have to be very careful with such a request. If such a request comes about without written proof of the owner of the domain name (domain name holder) and the transfer (to the supplier),owner change of removal turns out to be illegal, € 130,- will be calculated from your account as payment. This can happen if the SIDN asks for written proof of the transfer from the owner of the domain, and this can't be given.

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