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.info, .ru, .рф, and .top price increases (July 1)

The registries managing .info, .ru, .рф, and .top have announced that they will increase the prices of these TLDs starting July 1, 2017. Consequently, Realtime Register has to raise the prices of these TLDs as well. Also, the currency used for .top domains will change from United States Dollar (USD) to Chinese Yuan Renminbi (CNY) starting July 1.

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Uniregistry price increases (August 21)

Registry operator Uniregistry will increase the prices of 16 TLDs, in some cases by extremely significant amounts (effective as of August 21). We are far from pleased with these changes, because we feel that this type of increase has the potential to negatively impact consumer trust in new gTLDs.

Affected TLDs

With new selling prices of $100 or less, the price hike will have the smallest impact on the following 7 domain name extensions:

  • .click
  • .link
  • .help
  • .pics
  • .sexy
  • .christmas
  • .tattoo

The 9 TLDs below are hit hardest: these domain extensions will cost well over $100. In some cases, this means a price increase of up to 3,000%.

  • .audio
  • .juegos
  • .diet
  • .hiphop
  • .flowers
  • .guitars
  • .hosting
  • .property
  • .blackfriday


Several registrars have decided to partially discontinue support for these TLDs or even drop Uniregistry domains altogether. We have decided to leave it up to you whether you want to continue selling these TLDs after the price increases come into effect.

Recommended actions

We strongly recommend that you inform your customers about the upcoming changes as soon as possible, so they aren’t taken by surprise. You can also offer your customers the option to renew their domains at current prices for up to 10 years.

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4 tips to effectively boost your TLD sales

At Realtime Register, we aim to empower our partners’ businesses by providing an extensive collection of TLDs to choose from. But with thousands of new TLDs released over the last few years and many more still to come, it can be tricky to market all of them effectively. Below you’ll find 4 tips to help you push your domain selling business from good to great!

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Tip #1: Present suggestions & categorize

Harsh but true: sometimes the domain name your customers have their eye on is taken. As a reseller, you can help them by offering relevant alternatives that otherwise may not have been considered. For instance, if their perfect .website domain name is taken, .site or .online might be an interesting alternative. Another way to help your customers find their perfect domain name even faster is by grouping related TLDs together in categories.

Tip #2: Showcase your offering

Sure, you know the ins and outs of your TLD portfolio, but how about your customers? There are all kinds of ways to get the word out and showcase which great TLDs you have in store, including using a marketing kit! For example, our brand-new .FUN marketing kit includes everything you need to develop a multi-faceted online promotion strategy!

Tip #3: Gain a competitive edge

Keeping your customers’ wallet happy is always a good idea. Sign up for our monthly price update newsletter to know which TLD promotions are coming up (or ending soon), so you can offer your customers the best deals. If you’re interested in getting volume discounts, be sure to check out our Domain Growth Program!

Tip #4: Use original holidays for marketing

Many organizations use mainstream holidays such as Christmas for marketing purposes. But why not try something different? There are lesser known holidays for almost every day of the year that you can use to create unique and memorable TLD campaigns. For instance, World Health Day is perfect for promoting TLDs like .healthcare, .fitness, .dentist or .clinic. Or how about using Nature Photography Day to highlight .camera, .pictures or .photos! Even though unusual holiday campaigns can be a good way to keep customers engaged during slow times of the year, it is important not to overuse them. Our advice: stick to holidays that align with your business personality.

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It’s time to get .ONLINE!

Having an online presence is almost a necessity in our digital world. Businesses, individuals, startups, students – everyone is looking to get online. And what better way to help them successfully enter the World Wide Web than adding .ONLINE to your domain portfolio!

Did you know…
… that over 1,000,000 websites already include the word ‘online’ in their URL, proving that people worldwide consider ‘online’ to be a great keyword? No wonder, considering ‘online’ is one of the few universal words out there that means the same thing in 24+ languages. And whereas many TLDs are market-specific, .ONLINE is relevant for practically any website. So, choosing .ONLINE means choosing a truly generic domain extension that is understood in many languages!

Help your customers blaze their way to .online success!

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March 13, .TEL will become a normal TLD… Or won’t it?

Early 2009, .TEL started out with about 120,000 registrations. In the next year, it grew to a 250,000 and registrations reached their peak in 2011 with about 340,000 registrations. After this, the numbers started to decline rapidly. Currently there are slightly less .TEL names registered then short after the start of the general availability in 2009.

A crippled TLD?

The .TEL was promoted as a platform for publishing contact details online through a dedicated telhosting platform. You might consider it like an online Rolodex. The use of this extension was restricted to this platform. This was of course a limitation for the use of .TEL, no hosting or redirect on your .TEL domain name was possible. The fast market adaptation of smart phones was also unfavorable for the .TEL registration numbers. The telhosting platform lost partially its use, because one could easily dig up a telephone number with their smartphone. And the introduction of a lot of new generics didn’t help either, for obvious reasons.

A revival for .TEL

.tel The ICANN board recently approved of the lifting of the DNS restrictions for .TEL, making it possible to sell your own hosting with a .TEL domain name. This change will become effective on March 31. The same date, the registry will release a modernized Telhosting system. A preview of the new lay-out can be find at the example profile page at http://telpage.tel .
The new Telhosting profile page will be managed by a desktop control panel, also iOS and Android smartphone apps will be introduced to manage the profile page. The Telnic registry will support the registrants. To inform the registrants the registry will send an email to the registrant on February 13.

In short, starting March 31, registrants can choose whether they want to use a single .TEL page or create and host their own web page with a .TEL,

The Good

The Lifting of the DNS restrictions will bring some benefits to our business:

  • A lot of great names are still available for .TEL;
  • New options for the secondary market will arise;
  • With the sale of a .TEL domain you can upsell with a hosting package;
  • Other upsells with products like SSL certificates;
  • Freedom of choice for your customers.

The Bad

Of course, as always, there are some downsides about the changes.

  • You need to adjust your sales flow, but these will become more in line with the other TLDs;
  • You will have to communicate about the new proposition of .TEL.

And the Ugly

About some developments, I am not too excited, and I guess you will probably share this feeling.

The .TEL registry will be directly communicating with the registrants with an email, introducing the new platform. Here is an example of this email. In addition to this, the .TEL registry will do the support for the telhosting environment. This leaves you as the domain name provider out the equation. It might feel a good thing, a cost reduction for you as a web hoster. However, for .TEL it might become harder to demonstrate your added value to your customer.

Also, the proposition of the .TEL might become diffuse for registrants and website visitor. For the registrants, it could be unclear what the use for .TEL is. And for the website visitor, it might become unclear who is responsible for the hosting of a TEL site. My suggestion is, it is best to promote .TEL as a standard extension. It is short, about telephone communication and with lots of good names still available. And I wouldn’t be surprised if the new telhosting platform will be phased out after just a few years.


Despite my issues above, I am happy about the revitalization of .TEL. For the web hosting industry, there are a lot of opportunities with this extension. It is up to you to seize them and make .TEL (again) a nice addition to your business!


New IRTP-C templates in your production account


Eight new email templates and six web image 1page templates are available in the production environment. Of course, we made sure they are easy to spot. All essential information is already in the templates.

I recommend adding extra information to your templates. For instance: you can add information in your customers’ native language or encourage them to get in touch with you if they have any questions.

The web templates are used for the confirmation forms at mydomainprovider.com. That is the branded environment in which your customers accept changes, transfers and validations. The email templates are sent in HTML format and text only. Make sure you add extra information in both parts of the templates.

image 2If you are acting as Designated Agent, the top two in the listing of the email templates (image 2) are most important. These mandatory notification emails are sent after the update of the registrant’s details. Of course, the other templates are important too.

If you are not acting as a Designated Agent, your customers are sure to come across IRTP-C-related emails and corresponding forms at some point. In this case, it’s even more important to have the templates up to your standards. Get cracking and check the new templates in your account right away.

Want to know more about IRTP-C? This blog post and this newsletter are good starting points.